Fundraising for our program

Why do we fundraise?
Even though our band generates funds to pay for certain parts of the program, it doesn’t cover every cost associated with our program. Marching Band, for example, cost almost $800 per student, and we ask for each student to raise or pay $600. The other $200 is raised through these fundraising efforts.

What are the benefits of fundraising at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway?
There are so many benefits from volunteering your time for the band to fundraise at the speedway. You earn funds towards your student’s IBA to cover fees and trips. You become life long friends with other band parents. You help the band cover expenses to keep our fees low.

What will I be doing if I volunteer at the Speedway?
When we volunteer at the speedway, there are a few different jobs. We become Bartenders, Concession Cashiers, Suite Runners, and Suite Attendants. You don’t have to be a bartender in real life to volunteer at the speedway, it is simple and we can show you how!

What does the band program and my student’s IBA earn from volunteering?
We volunteer for Levy Restaurants who operates all of the food venues at LVMS. Depending on what we have volunteered for will depend on the donation they provide to our group. How are a few minimums that your student’s IBA would earn by working events.

NASCAR: $125/per volunteer (Tips support general band fund)
EDC: $125/per volunteer (Tips may be collected or go to IBA)
Bullring: $100/per volunteer
(Subject to change…)

Our band program cannot continue to grow and be successful without the support of parents who volunteer many hours each year and continue making this the best band program in the state of Nevada.

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our board members.