September 2, 2011 Alyssa was walking home from borrowing a text book from a friend. She was stalked and attacked by a complete stranger. He drug her into a vacant lot behind the family home where he raped her, stabbed her 80 times and returned hours later and burned her body in attempt to rid of the evidence. Although he has confessed to the crime, the public defenders are doing everything to stall the trail to keep their defendant alive. This is a disgrace to our justice system.

Since Alyssa’s passing in 2011 the Alyssa Otremba Scholarship has been created to go to one member of the Arbor View Aggie Marching Band. This scholarship is a $1,000.00 per year to a select student that has been in the program their entire high school career. More information will be posted on this soon.

What can I do to help?

The Otremba family has suffered for our five years with their everyday lives, while the criminal is charging the tax payers hundreds and thousands of dollars to stay living. If you would be so generous you can visit the GoFundMe page below to make a donation that will go directly to the Otremba family to help them with their day to day needs.

Go Fund Me – Otremba Family

Recent News Updates

9/9/16 – Alyssa Otremba Remembers at Las Vegas football game (Fox 5 – KVVU)

9/6/16 – Death penalty trial for a man accused in rape, murder of 15-year-old postponed