Levy Restaurants requires ALL non-profit group members and Outside Vendors to attend a Live (in person) “Alcohol Compliance Training” (ACT).  Levy holds two trainings per year.  If a non-profit group or Outside Vendor signs on with Levy after one of the live trainings has been held we will permit volunteers to complete the on-line training until the next available Live (in person) training is held.

The on-line training course is available through “LEVY”.  PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW CAREFULLY.

  • https://levy.restaurant.org
  • You will be taken directly to the “Responsible Alcohol Service Training” page.
  • Your password is – LEVY in all caps and is case sensitive. Click “Login.”
  • Type in your personal information
  • Fill in your first name,
  • You do not need to put in middle name,
  • Fill in your last name,
  • Fill in your gender
  • In the social security field, enter 0000
  • Fill in your birth date, place of birth (city and state), date of employment (please enter: Today’s Date), Job Title (select from drop down – “Non Profit” and For Outside Vendor  select “Contracted Employee”), enter in Arbor View High School Band Boosters. Location Code (select from the drop down = NV Las Vegas Motor Speedway).
  • Answer the question about Felony
  • You are not required to answer the employment history, Click “Begin.”
  • There are 20 test questions that are presented along with the literature to read while answering this section. Once you have completed this section you will be taken to the test.
  • After you have answered the 20 questions, Click “Review.”
  • It you have answers that are incorrect, they will be highlighted in blue and you are able to go back and read over the information and correct you answer. Then click “I agree.”

The following screen will prompt you to put in an e-mail address. Please enter: jnolan@levyrestaurants.com (DO NOT CHANGE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS, USE THIS ONE!)

If you have any questions, please contact Harrison Shaw at Harrison.Shaw@avhsbands.org